Clark has a unique ability to bring groups of people into alignment and define a common goal to work towards, and uses flexible approaches to meet diverse stakeholder needs. He catalyzes strategic and transformative change through advocacy, facilitation, and research.

Strategic Facilitation

Whether you're working on policy and advocacy in this space, or your organization is looking for strategic guidance, Clark's skill set is in helping groups of mission-aligned people clarify their goals, and develop steps to achieve them. 

A pioneer in leading eco-charrettes, Clark developed a talent for guiding diverse groups of passionate, expert, strong-willed individuals to listen, learn, and integrate multiple perspectives. 

Regardless of the group, the objective, or the venue, Clark has an innate strategic ability to help a diverse group of stakeholders and experts hone in on ambitious but achievable objectives. With clarity and inspiration, he helps identify the path forward and how each member of the group can best contribute to accomplishing the goal.

Policy & Advocacy

Throughout his career, Clark has leveraged his extensive 

experience and expertise regarding green building 

and sustainability to manifest change in governmental 

policy and nonprofit initiatives. 

Whether he was working to transform green building in the early days of the International Living Futures Institute or urging the Biden administration toward more aggressive sustainable 

public policy, Clark’s leadership and passion have been at 

the forefront of community and public service efforts for 

over 20 years. He uses lessons learned and progress made on individual projects to motivate officials to update policies and building codes, changes that force the entire industry to shift.


From 2002-2022 Clark presented over 130 times to audiences across North America, Europe, and China. People found his content inspirational because it was rooted in real-world projects and rigorous analytics, portrayed in a graphic storytelling form that synthesized complexity and appealed to design-minded and technically-focused people.