Clark Brockman harnesses the power and influence of the architectural profession to create a more sustainable, healthy, and resilient world.
An impactful visionary, he catalyzes strategic and transformative change through advocacy, facilitation, and inspirational storytelling.
Over the arc of his four decade career, Clark has been and remains a 
dedicated change agent and champion for energy-efficient, climate responsive, human and environmental-health-focused design. 
His strategic vision and breadth of expertise in the realm of sustainability 
has transformed the built environment at every scale.


Strategic Facilitation

  • Ecocharettes
  • Sustainability
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Strategy
  • Built environment strategy

Policy and Advocacy

  • Strategic policy development
  • Green building policies
  • Decarbonizing the built environment policies
  • Water reuse policies


  • Built environment decarbonization
  • Legislative policy development

“I have had the privilege to get to see Clark present at multiple conferences, on multiple topics, and I always come away feeling educated and inspired. He lays out his big ideas with a depth and clarity that make the aspirations seem tangible and achievable. While the presentations are full of technical rigor, it’s the way he tells his stories that makes the content come to life.”

                         Mary Davidge, retired Director of Global Design at Google REWS

“On multiple occasions I have seen Clark 'move the room' to the place that room needed to get to in order to actualize their aspirational goals.”

                                                                                                        Nadav Malin, Hon. AIA


"As a member of AIA COTE’s Advocacy working group, Clark consistently brings regional priorities and progress to the national discussion to influence AIA 

federal advocacy priorities. He leveraged this group’s outreach capacity to lead widespread federal national advocacy for the built environment and AEC industry standards."

                                           Julie Hiromoto 

                                          Principal  |  Director of Integration, 2020 AIA COTE Chair